Policies / Procedures

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Policies & Procedures

All players will participate at the level specified by LYH for their age. If a player is found to be in violation by playing out of a registered age level without Board of Director approval (other than being allowed to play up a level for no more than five league games- see call-up rules below), the player and that player's coach will be removed from the program for 1 year. Registrations are held in the Spring for the following season.

  • Tryouts

The purpose of tryouts is to evaluate a player's skating ability, hockey skills and commitment to teamwork in order to place him or her within a team that will provide the best environment for improving their self-confidence and enjoyment of the sport of ice hockey. Skaters will be evaluated using a standardized scoring system which will evaluate skating ability and hockey skills at each level during scheduled tryout sessions. All levels will include a scrimmage component as part of the evaluation process. Additional input to a player's respective hockey abilities and understanding of team concepts will be provided by the previous year's coach. That input will be solicited through standardized coaching evaluation forms that are provided to coaches prior to the completion of the season. Tryouts for all travel teams (Mite-Midgets) will be held in the spring as close as possible to season's end. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the rules and formats associated with the tryout sessions.

  • Fees

All players will be required to pay assessment fees. The only exceptions to this requirement will be the extent to which particular players and their families are eligible for (subject to the final approval of the LYH Treasurer) Injury Credits or Multiple Player Discounts. Please refer to those specific sections of this policy for additional details. Fees for the 2019-2020 are listed below.

*The 2019-2020 fee structure for the various levels may vary from season to season depending upon enrollment, number of games, increased ice cost and other factors.

All players trying out for a Travel Team will be required to pay a $100.00 Registration/Tryout fee. Players that have past due tuition balances from the prior season will not be allowed to try out until outstanding balances have been paid in full or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made with the association’s Treasurer.

Please note like last year for the 2019-2020 season there is a $450 “Rostering Payment” that is due by May 1st in order for a player to 1) secure their place on a travel team roster and 2) to be allowed to participate when the season commences in the Fall. Registration and Rostering fees will be applied to a player’s overall participation fees for the season.

Rosters will be finalized sometime between April 18th and May 10th. At the time that a player is notified of their respective placement, the family will have 10 business days to notify LYH, either by email or other written form, if it is their intention to decline the roster spot or to file an appeal. In the event that a roster spot is declined or the family does not wish to accept the spot based on the outcome of an appeal, then the $100 registration payment will be refunded to the family.

Registration/Tryout and Rostering fees must be paid in full, when due, for each participant, regardless of whether a multiple player discount may ultimately apply. Multiple player discounts will be reflected on a player’s outstanding balance after October 1st, the date by which the program is required to submit all Travel Team rosters to Massachusetts Hockey. In addition, late registrations will be subject to a $50 late fee.

* Note that the “Balance Due” may vary from Level to Level

Players who do not maintain their accounts on a timely basis will be suspended from participation. Any player with an outstanding balance in excess of 15 days past a scheduled due date will not be allowed to return to his or her respective team until the balance is paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the program’s Treasurer. If you anticipate any difficulty in meeting the payment schedule, you are obligated to notify the program’s Treasurer at the beginning of the season or if you know that you will be unable to meet a particular LYH payment deadline. Requests for alternative payment plans will be kept strictly confidential. Midget players must be paid in full prior to participating for their respective team. There will be a $20 fee assessed for any returned check.

  • Refund Policy

The payment schedule and policies of Lynn Youth Hockey are very reflective of other youth hockey organizations in Massachusetts in the sense that the program requires members to pay their participation fees in full soon after the season commences. The cost of ice is a significant portion of Lynn Youth Hockey’s operating expenses which come due very early in the season. Accordingly, certain payments are non-refundable and non-transferable as defined above. If a player withdraws from the program before midnight on the last day of September then that player will be eligible for a refund of 50% of their payments made through September 1st . The program’s Treasurer or President must be notified by email or in writing by the last day of September. No refunds will be issued to any player who decides to withdraw from the program after October 1st and as such any player still in the program after October 1st will be required to meet the program’s full tuition requirements for the season unless the player’s circumstances are reviewed and approved as a special hardship case by the Board of Directors.


  • Injury Credit Policy

If a player is unable to participate because of illness/injury, hockey related or not, he/she may be eligible for a monetary injury credit subject to the review and approval of the LYH Treasurer. The following criteria will be used when evaluating a player’s injury credit:

1. The injury/illness must be at least 4 weeks duration.
2. The player’s circumstances will be reviewed upon their return to their respective team except in situations where a player will be out for the remainder of the season.
3. The injury/illness must be verified by the “Level Director” and the length of absence verified by that player’s coach. If these criteria are met and the Treasurer approves the credit, the player will receive a refund based on the number of non-played games and practices at the following rate ($25.00/game and $15.00/practice). By continuing with registration, you are acknowledging a) that you read and understand fully the USA Hockey Consent Form and Agreement to Participate and Massachusetts Hockey Parent's Code of Conduct Form; b) that you agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations set forth by USA Hockey, Mass Hockey, Lynn youth Hockey and all leagues and tournaments in which Lynn Youth Hockey participates; c) the player's health is not impaired and is such that it will allow full participation in drills and exercises that pertain to the sport of ice hockey, and d) that the player will wear complete, proper fitting, certified ice hockey protective gear, including a mouth piece at the proper age (presently Pee Wee and above), and that Lynn Youth Hockey is not responsible for any loss or damage to players equipment and that LYH is responsible for bodily injury to the player.

  • Multiple Player Discount Policy

Any family in the program with three (3) or more children participating on Travel teams at the same time will be eligible for a multiple player discount computed as follows:
The family will be assessed 100% of the 2 highest tuitions and 50 % of the 3rd highest tuition. In the event that a family has four or more children participating on Travel teams at the same time, then each child will be assessed $50.00 dollars from the 4th child, the 5th child and so on. All discounts will be reviewed and applied (or refunded if appropriate) after October 1st after Lynn Youth Hockey has submitted its rosters to Massachusetts Hockey. This policy only applies to participation on one of the program’s Travel teams. Other family members participating in the program’s House League, Learn to Skate, Intro to Hockey, Spring Challenge or other offerings, will be subject to the full tuition requirements for those programs.

  • Team Assignments

All players wanting to be placed on a travel team for the upcoming season must register and attend tryouts. A player's inability to attend the tryouts as a result of a family-related conflict and/or illness or injury requires timely notification to the registrar and will be evaluated by the Board on a case-by-case basis. Team assignments will be determined using tryout scores (drills and scrimmage) and the prior year coach's evaluation. The top-rated players within a particular level will be placed on the "1" team, the next highest players on the "2" team and so on. Roster sizes and cut off points will be highly dependent on the size and composition of the overall player pool. All LYH rosters are subject to the final approval of the Board of Directors. A player's team assignment may be appealed by completing and submitting an appeal form to the Board of Directors within 10 business days of the team assignment notification.

Prospective players relocating to the Lynn Youth Hockey area or players returning to the program after the tryouts have already been conducted will be assigned to a team, roster size permitting, based upon an on-ice assessment of the coaching staffs at the appropriate age level. These assessments and placements will be performed in the Fall when the teams initially return to the ice. Players moving into the Lynn area after tryouts have been conducted are eligible for participation on any team within their respective Level. Players already living in the Lynn area that fail to try out without receiving a proper waiver from the Board, will not be eligible for consideration for that Level's "1" team.

  • Notification

Due to the time required to thoroughly review the tryout results, incorporate player evaluation forms and finalize coaching assignments, players are not likely to be notified of their team placement until sometime after mid May.

  • Placement Requests

Specific team assignment requests must be submitted to the Board of Directors and will be considered only if the request is for participation on a less competitive team within the player's age bracket.

  • Waivers

All waivers shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Players seeking to obtain a waiver must have no financial obligation due to LYH.

  • Playing Above Age Level

As a general rule, Lynn Youth Hockey does not allow or encourage players to tryout above his/her age level. There may however be a situation where the program allows a player to tryout in a higher age bracket if that placement is determined to be beneficial to the program as a whole. All petitions for placement above a player's age level should be submitted directly to the President of the Association and any decisions will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

  • Player Call-Ups (Games & Practices)

From time to time players are called-up to play and/or practice with a higher-level team. The final decision of who is called-up resides with the higher-level team's coach. However, the higher-level coach must consult with the lower-level coach to call-up a lower-level player for both games and practices. A player's assigned team schedule shall always take precedence. Call-ups must conform to the rules of the Valley League. They allow a player to play in six games (excluding the parity round) for the same higher-level team. If that player participates in a seventh game, they will be rostered on the higher-level team for the remainder of that season. A player is never allowed to play down a level.

  • Position Rotation

It is the philosophy of LYH that Mite and House League players including goaltenders should play all positions in order to develop good skating skills and a complete understanding of the game. Therefore the program does not endorse the concept of dedicated position players or goalkeepers at the Mite or House League level. LYH provides goaltending equipment to teams that do not have dedicated goalies.


  • Number of Players per Team

Individual team rosters will generally have no less than ten and no more than fifteen skaters, exclusive of goaltenders. The number of teams at a particular age level will be determined by the number of players registered at that age level, allotting approximately equal numbers of players to each team.

  • Ice Time During Games

LYH policy is all skaters receive approximately equal ice time. The only exception is the last three minutes of a game being at the coach's discretion.

  • Conduct

In an effort to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, it is critical that all children conduct themselves in an appropriate manner showing respect for their teammates, coaches, parents, opponents and referees. Initial infractions will be handled with warnings from the coaches. If continued misconduct occurs, the parents will be contacted and it may be necessary to suspend or remove the child from the program, pending a review at the Board level.

It is the Board's unwavering expectation that everyone associated with the Lynn Youth Hockey Program will conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner at all times. LYH follows the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy.

It is the policy as written by USA Hockey that there shall be no sexual and/or physical abuse of any minor participant involved in or associated with any and all activities organized and sponsored by Mass Hockey. For a complete description of these policies refer to the USA Hockey Annual Guide.

  • Practice and Game Policies

Players are expected to make a sincere effort to meet the bulk of their practice and game commitments. As such attendance will be considered in a player's overall evaluation when a player is considered for placement the following year. The Board supports the notion that players who consistently miss practices and/or games without a legitimate reason can be disruptive to the team as a whole and may be subject to some form of disciplinary action (typically less ice time during the next game commitment) as deemed appropriate by the coach. If the situation becomes too difficult for the coach to manage, the coach may refer the matter to the Board for further action. The Board recognizes that no two sets of player and family circumstances are exactly alike and accordingly the Board is committed to arriving at a solution that is mutually beneficial to a player and their respective team. Regardless, the Board expects players and their families to make their best effort towards meeting practice and game commitments.

Players should be fully dressed and ready to skate 15 minutes before scheduled game and practice commitments. Players should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to game commitments. During this time coaches will usually hold a pre-game meeting where plays and strategies for the game are reviewed. Most games will be followed by a 5-10 minute post-game meeting where the coaches can evaluate the team's performance. Post-game meetings are closed to everyone except players and coaches subject to the discretion of the coaching staff.

Parents and siblings are never allowed on the ice or in the bench area during games or practices.

Parents should be aware that although game schedules, can be somewhat inconvenient; it is beyond the control of the Lynn Youth Hockey Program. Games are scheduled by the Valley League. Once LYH receives the league schedules, a coach's meeting is set-up and the games schedules and practice times are immediately distributed by the league scheduler. The program makes every effort to distribute schedules in a timely manner.

  • Coaches

Our head and assistant coaches at each level are dedicated volunteers and without them the program would not exist. It is the requirement of the program that all coaches be certified by AHAUS through their "patching clinics". The patch requirements for LYH coaches and their bench help is discussed in detail by clicking to the Coaching Certification Page.

For more information on patching clinics contact the program's Ace Coordinator

Each head coach is approved by the Board of Directors following the tryouts. When choosing head coaches the Board considers:

  •  The candidate's knowledge of the sport and ability to work with the age group
  •  Previous experience and level of commitment
  •  Survey results and
  •  The benefits of exposing the players to a variety of coaching philosophies

Head coaches select their own assistant coaches usually from a list of volunteers provided by the Board of Directors. All coaches, Team managers, Board members and on-ice help must satisfactorily complete the CORI process.

  • Team Manager

Each team will have a volunteer Team Manager to work as a liaison between the parents and the coach. This role is extremely important to the team, second only to the coaches. The Team Manager typically handles many of the administrative details including but not limited to: phone calls to the team members, handling changes in practice or game times and the preparation of schedules. If you are interested in becoming the Team Manager, please contact your coach directly.