Learn To Skate (L2S)

UpdatedFriday July 30, 2021 byBrian Boisson.

USA Hockey Learn to Skate (L2S) Program


The Lynn youth Hockey Learn To Skate program (L2S) is designed for  children of all ages 3-14 and is split into 3 skills levels. Children with little or NO skating experience (Beginners), Children who have just learned to balance on their own and are ready to start maneuvering around objects to get the feel for the ice (Intermediate), Children who are ready to pick up the speed a little and get more creative with their skating skills (Advanced).

The focus and goal of the Learn to Skate (L2S) curriculums are designed to teach beginner hockey players the fundamentals of skating. USA Hockey recommends that associations use age and skill appropriate drills to teach the players how to skate and play hockey. It’s important for these players to become comfortable on the ice, learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, use of edges and how to hold a stick before moving into a learn to play, 6U or 8U full hockey curriculum.

·       The L2S1 Curriculum consists of 4 practice plans for a total of 12 sessions.

·       The L2S2 Curriculum consists of 4 practice plans plus two age appropriate FUN game days for a total of 12 sessions.


USA Hockey recommends that each practice plan should be instructed 3 consecutive times before moving onto the next practice plan. Each practice consists of 6 different drills working on fundamental hockey skating skills. Most practice plans will have suggestions for advanced progression for those players who develop a little faster than others. Repetition and the appropriate progression for beginners are extremely important at this level.

Players should perform drills without a hockey stick during the L2S1 Curriculum, as this helps with the overall development of balance.

Location: Connery Rink, 190 Shepard St, Lynn, MA 01902

Fall Session Schedule:  12 sessions beginning Saturday 10/2/2021 through 12/18/2021. 

10/2 - Time: 9:30am-10:20am

10/9 through 10/30 - Time: 10:30am-11:40am  (Due to LYH hosting the Bruis Academy)

11/6 through 12/18 - Time: 9:30am-10:20am


Winter Session Schedule: 12 sessions



** Please have your skater ready to be on the ice 10 minutes early. **

Winter Session Schedule:  TBA

Cost: $125  (plus any USA Hockey fees if applicable). 

Equipment Needed: Hockey helmet, Elbow & Knee pads (Rollerblade,Bicyle), Skates, Hockey or warm waterproof gloves and pants.

Registration:  To register for the L2S program, please first visit http://www.usahockey.com to register and obtain a USA Hockey ID # for your child.  You will need the USA Hockey ID # for the LTS sign up.  When you have your child’s USA Hockey ID#, please register for LTS at the “2021-2022 Registration Page” at www.lynnyouthhockey.com or clink the link below